Diastasis Recti: What is it and Do You Have it?

Have you heard of Diastasis Recti or Ab separation?? Are you curious to see if you have it and what exactly it is?

After having my third child and getting back into fitness, I was curious as to why I wasn't seeing ab muscles after losing the baby weight. I remember seeing another mom talking about her Diastasis Recti and what exercises to do to help strengthen it. Well, it turned out I had Diastasis Recti and all the workouts I was doing was actually making it WORSE!!

So, what exactly is Diastasis Recti, what does it look like and how can you prevent it from getting worse??

Diastasis Recti is a condition in which the large abdominal muscles separate. It is very common in women after having children or for those individuals who are obese (this can include men too). There are different variations of Diastasis Recti:

Diastasis Recti Variations

How can you check for this condition?? Lay down on your back with your knees bent. Gently raise your head off the ground until you feel your abs to contract. Using 2 fingers check the depth and width of the separation above and below your belly button. This will determine the severity of the condition. You can also check out this YouTube video to help you check for Diastasis Rect:

 https://youtu.be/fiqfFM3kNuk (credit to Natalie Hodson) or you can have your Doctor to check it out too! If you do have this condition, check your doctor about what exercises to avoid.

Checking for Diastasis Recti


What exercises should you avoid?? You should avoid any exercise that will put pressure on your abs....ex: crunches, sit ups, oblique sit ups, planks, leg raises or hanging knee raise. Now, there are exercises you can do that will help pull the abs together and strengthen your core. You can do Heel Drops, Heel Sliders, Bridge & modified Bird/Dog.

Don't forget to check with your doctor before performing any exercise.

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Credit: Natalie Hodson YoutTube, Google

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Diet for Breastfeeding Mamas

Are you a breastfeeding mom that is trying to eat healthier, maybe lose a little baby weight but don't want to lose your milk supply?? This meal plan (or diet) for breastfeeding mamas will help you out! I'm a breastfeeding mom (currently 3 weeks postpartum) that is eating healthier but not cutting calories....that would decrease my milk supply (we don't want that to happen!). 

This Diet for Breastfeeding Mamas will help make eating healthy easier because the plan is laid out for you, and it won't mess with your milk supply! This diet is more like a meal plan. Follow it and you'll start to feel better. You'll have more energy (well as much as you can, those sleepless nights can be rough), and hopefully start to lose a little bit of baby weight. If you're looking to lose weight but can't workout yet, this plan is definitely a good start to the process. 

It can sometimes feel frustrating during those 6 weeks of recovering from giving birth to your little one because you want to start losing weight and would like to workout but you can't just yet. So since you can't workout yet, why not start focusing on your nutrition?!? Start with following a meal plan. Eating healthy and focusing on your nutrition will give you a little jump start into reaching your health & fitness goals. Believe it or not, I lost 5lbs in one week by just focusing on my nutrition. 

I can't take all the credit for this meal plan...I like to follow the container system (created by Autumn Calabrese). The container system shows you how many portions you should be eating in a day. The portions/containers are divided into categories of food: fruit, vegetables, complex carbs, protein, healthy fats and seeds/nuts/dressings. It's actually real easy to follow...I'll explain it!

Here's an example of my meal plan:

Breastfeeding mom meal plan

(*before you start a diet plan, check with your doctor first)

This meal plan is color coded because each color represents a food category. Each color coded container is also a different size. This helps with portion control too. (I'll attach a cheat sheet below, scroll down). For breastfeeding moms, we need to eat enough calories for our milk supply. If we cut calories, we cut our supply. We also need to make sure we drink enough water (drink at least 100oz of water a day). 

This meal plan is in 1800-2200 calorie range. Consuming this amount of calories will help with the milk supply and when you eat the right food, it will also help with losing weight. Did you know that if you cut too many calories from your diet, you can actually gain weight?! You need to eat to lose weight! When you cut calories, your body can go into starvation mode and will actually hold onto the fat and burn your muscle instead of burning fat. That's a big no no!! You want to burn fat and hold onto muscle!! So eating (healthy food) is a good thing!

(*Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at NO additional cost to you. I only recommend things that I love so no worries there!)

This meal plan is also a non dairy plan (my little one has acid reflux, so dairy upsets her tummy). Each day you'll need to consume these amount of servings: 5 veggies, 3 fruits, 5 proteins, 4 carbs, 1 healthy fats and 1 nut/seeds/dressings. Now that you know how many servings you should be getting, start planning out your day. You can use the plan I already created...scroll down for a printable.

Here's the portion cheat sheet, this will help you figure out how big your portions should be. 

Don't forget to Print out the meal plan--> FunFitnessMama Breastfeeding Meal Plan

**For more accountability and help achieving health & fitness goals, join our Free Facebook Group--> Girls Rule Accountability Group

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