How to LOSE Those Last Few Stubborn Pounds

For those that are on the last leg of their fitness journey, it gets harder and harder to lose those last few pounds. The scale seems to be yo-yoing and not being in your favor. You probably feel like you need to stay longer at the gym, do more cardio or cut out more calories……DON’T do those things!

Here’s how I lost those stubborn 10 pounds in 6 weeks. I started doing Intermittent Fasting, adjusted my macros, did less cardio (I’ll explain more about that) and still stuck to my 5 times a week workout sessions. (results may vary, if you want a customized fitness plan email me:

Ok let’s start with how to adjust macros without cutting a ton of calories. So if you don’t know already, in order to lose body fat you need to be in a ‘cut’ (calorie deficit). You need to find your TDEE first and then cut about 500 calories or 20% from that. You can try macro calculators online to get an idea or contact me. Now that you have your ‘cut’ calories you’ll be adjusting your macros for a high fat low carb diet plan. There are 3 macros you’ll be counting: Carbs, Protein and Fats. About 45-50% of your macros should be coming from Fats, 30-35% is protein and 25-30% will be carbs.

high fat low carb food

Having a High Fat Low Carb diet plan has it’s benefits:

  • curbs hunger

  • can help with weight loss

  • can reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes

  • can reduce triglycerides numbers

  • can reduce blood sugar

    (talk more with your doctor about this macro plan)

Now that you’ve figured out your new macros, start incorporating weight training and decrease your cardio. Try to aim for 5 workouts per week and within those 5 days you can incorporate 1-2 cardio/hiit workouts. I personally can not do a lot of cardio because of my back condition. Here’s an example of a workout week that you can try:

Monday: Legs, Booty and 15min HIIT

Tuesday: Back, Biceps and Core

Wednesday: Chest, Triceps and 15min Cardio

Thursday: Legs and Shoulders

Friday: Total Body & Core

You’ll want to do your strength exercises first, then core and cardio/hiit is last. You’ll want to do cardio last because you don’t want to completely exhaust yourself before lifting weights…you won’t be lifting as heavy as you could and you could jeopardize your form. Cardio is good for your health but it won’t do everything for you. You won’t be able to build muscle with just cardio. By building muscle you will boost your metabolism and burn fat faster throughout the day.

Do this for a couple of weeks and you’ll start seeing results!! You can also go to my SHOP page for customized plans.

intermittent fasting results

What does (roughly) 1400 Calories look like in a day?? Full Day of Eating with Vlog and Macros Count

What does a full day of eating look like for me? On this day I ate roughly 1400 calories.

I get asked all the time what I eat in a day, or how many calories I eat in a day. I eat anywhere between 1400-1650 calories in a day. The calories and macros also vary depending on what workouts I’m doing or if I have a rest day. A couple things I do have everyday are black coffee, a protein shake and lots of veggies!

You can also check out my Vlog video on YouTube to see how I make my food.

My first meal on this day was a Larabar, 20oz of water and black coffee. I usually do something quick for meal 1 because I’m too tired to cook. The calories and macros for the bar are: 220cal, C26g F11g P6g

Meal 2 is kind of an omelette minus the cheese. I sauteed a yellow bell pepper and mushrooms with EVOO and seasoned with garlic salt. Then add the eggs and scramble it up. I added a piece of toast with a little of butter for more carbs. Yes, carbs are good!! They provide your body with energy and fuel you up for the day….I’ll write another post about Macros! The Calories and macros for meal 2: 170cal C7g F10g P13.5g

Meal 2 Egg with veggies and toast

Meal 2 Egg with veggies and toast

Onto meal 3 (lunch)….after coming home from teaching a FIT4MOM Stroller Strides class, I needed to make something quick and easy for lunch. My go to for lunch is always a salad. I love salads because there is such a huge variety to them and they are quick to make! I made an Asian Grilled Chicken Salad. It’s even easier when you buy the premade salad kits and all you have to do is throw it together in a bowl. I also like to add cucumbers, sliced almonds and pecans to the salad. Another tip is to get the Tyson ready grilled chicken strips. You can buy them in the cold section or freezer section at the store. I used the frozen strips and they only take a few minutes to heat up on the stove. Once the chicken is cooked, toss it in with the salad and enjoy!! I ate about 3 cups of the salad mix and 4oz of chicken. Here are the macros: 457cal C28g F26g P34g.

Meal 3 Asian Grilled Chicken Salad

Meal 3 Asian Grilled Chicken Salad

For meal 4 (or afternoon snack) I made a protein shake. (sorry I forgot to take a pic) My favorite recipe is pretty simple.

  • ice & water

  • 1/2 banana

  • 1 scoop Chocolate brownie protein powder

    Blend and enjoy!!!

    Macros: 185cal C27g F0.4g P21g

And finally the last meal of the day, meal 5 (dinner). I made a family favorite, TACOS!!! Super easy meal that everyone (yes, the kids too) love! I use 1lb of ground turkey with a packet of taco seasoning (or you can make the seasoning yourself). I also let the kiddies choose whatever taco toppings they want. For me I chose 2 of the carb balance flour tortillas, 6oz of ground turkey, romaine lettuce, little bit of shredded cheese and 1tsp of sour cream. Here are the macros for 2 Tacos: 511cal C47g F12g P54.5g. The taco shells and ground turkey are loaded with protein.

Meal 5 Turkey Tacos

Meal 5 Turkey Tacos

So that’s it…..that’s what 1400calories (roughly) looks like in a day. I eat 5 times a day and drink 100oz of water!! I always drink water with every meal. It may seem like a lot of food, but when you spread it out throughout the day, it doesn’t seem so bad. Remember, your body needs fuel to function. When you are depriving your body of food (clean is best!), then you are depriving yourself of energy and stopping yourself from reaching your goals. If you want to get back into shape or want to lose weight, you need to eat!!!

If you also need help with getting started with calories/macros or want extra accountability reach out to me, I would love to help you with your journey! Email me with your questions