How to LOSE Those Last Few Stubborn Pounds

For those that are on the last leg of their fitness journey, it gets harder and harder to lose those last few pounds. The scale seems to be yo-yoing and not being in your favor. You probably feel like you need to stay longer at the gym, do more cardio or cut out more calories……DON’T do those things!

Here’s how I lost those stubborn 10 pounds in 6 weeks. I started doing Intermittent Fasting, adjusted my macros, did less cardio (I’ll explain more about that) and still stuck to my 5 times a week workout sessions. (results may vary, if you want a customized fitness plan email me:

Ok let’s start with how to adjust macros without cutting a ton of calories. So if you don’t know already, in order to lose body fat you need to be in a ‘cut’ (calorie deficit). You need to find your TDEE first and then cut about 500 calories or 20% from that. You can try macro calculators online to get an idea or contact me. Now that you have your ‘cut’ calories you’ll be adjusting your macros for a high fat low carb diet plan. There are 3 macros you’ll be counting: Carbs, Protein and Fats. About 45-50% of your macros should be coming from Fats, 30-35% is protein and 25-30% will be carbs.

high fat low carb food

Having a High Fat Low Carb diet plan has it’s benefits:

  • curbs hunger

  • can help with weight loss

  • can reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes

  • can reduce triglycerides numbers

  • can reduce blood sugar

    (talk more with your doctor about this macro plan)

Now that you’ve figured out your new macros, start incorporating weight training and decrease your cardio. Try to aim for 5 workouts per week and within those 5 days you can incorporate 1-2 cardio/hiit workouts. I personally can not do a lot of cardio because of my back condition. Here’s an example of a workout week that you can try:

Monday: Legs, Booty and 15min HIIT

Tuesday: Back, Biceps and Core

Wednesday: Chest, Triceps and 15min Cardio

Thursday: Legs and Shoulders

Friday: Total Body & Core

You’ll want to do your strength exercises first, then core and cardio/hiit is last. You’ll want to do cardio last because you don’t want to completely exhaust yourself before lifting weights…you won’t be lifting as heavy as you could and you could jeopardize your form. Cardio is good for your health but it won’t do everything for you. You won’t be able to build muscle with just cardio. By building muscle you will boost your metabolism and burn fat faster throughout the day.

Do this for a couple of weeks and you’ll start seeing results!! You can also go to my SHOP page for customized plans.

intermittent fasting results

Diastasis Recti: What is it and Do You Have it?

Have you heard of Diastasis Recti or Ab separation?? Are you curious to see if you have it and what exactly it is?

After having my third child and getting back into fitness, I was curious as to why I wasn't seeing ab muscles after losing the baby weight. I remember seeing another mom talking about her Diastasis Recti and what exercises to do to help strengthen it. Well, it turned out I had Diastasis Recti and all the workouts I was doing was actually making it WORSE!!

So, what exactly is Diastasis Recti, what does it look like and how can you prevent it from getting worse??

Diastasis Recti is a condition in which the large abdominal muscles separate. It is very common in women after having children or for those individuals who are obese (this can include men too). There are different variations of Diastasis Recti:

Diastasis Recti Variations

How can you check for this condition?? Lay down on your back with your knees bent. Gently raise your head off the ground until you feel your abs to contract. Using 2 fingers check the depth and width of the separation above and below your belly button. This will determine the severity of the condition. You can also check out this YouTube video to help you check for Diastasis Rect: (credit to Natalie Hodson) or you can have your Doctor to check it out too! If you do have this condition, check your doctor about what exercises to avoid.

Checking for Diastasis Recti


What exercises should you avoid?? You should avoid any exercise that will put pressure on your abs....ex: crunches, sit ups, oblique sit ups, planks, leg raises or hanging knee raise. Now, there are exercises you can do that will help pull the abs together and strengthen your core. You can do Heel Drops, Heel Sliders, Bridge & modified Bird/Dog.

Don't forget to check with your doctor before performing any exercise.

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