The Best Breastmilk Storage Bags under $20.00

If you read my last blog or watched my video on Unboxing the Medela Breast pump, then you might remember me mentioning these storage bags. These bags are my absolute favorite and must have for pumping & storing breastmilk!!! I've tried other storage bags and they work fine but the Medela bags make it easier while pumping.

The hook on tabs allow you to pump directly into the bag instead of the bottle. Personally, I don't pump directly into the bottles....I exclusively breastfeed to pumping into the bottle is kind of a waste of a bottle and more dishes to do! I pump directly into the bag (using the adapter). It's also easier for me to see how much is going into the bag and when I'm done all I have to do is seal the bag, write the date pumped and how many ounces and freeze!! Super easy and convenient! 

I bought the storage bags from Amazon (it was on sale) and it came with 2 adaptors to hook on the bags. You can also get them from Target, make sure you get the adaptors! Scroll down for the links to buy the bags......and don't forget to get breast pads too, trust me you'll need them!!

Medela Bags-->Amazon:   Target Breast Pads

Target Medela Bags 

I also created a video tutorial on how to use the bags, check it out below!!

Don't forget to get a FREE Breast pump through your insurance. Check out Aeroflow and they'll help you get your pump!! (That's how I received my free pump)

You can also check out my Unboxing Medela Pump Video HERE . 


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