Meal Planning

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Melissa- This mom of 1 lost 3lbs and 7.3” in 8 weeks!  "I liked the variety, the amount of time required, and flexibility day to day using the training app. I like the detailed examples and "how to", Very informational. I lost weight and feel educated on diet and nutrition. Katie was motivational even when I felt down. Always positive and sharing her own experiences. I learned to Eat more!! I ate more (healthy/ reviewed macros closely) and lost more weight than eating less calories."

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we meet in a gym setting? No, this is an online/virtual personal training program. We’ll do our check-ins via email, text or virtual calls. You can access everything you need through the app (app is free) and complete your training in the comfort of your home.

Do I need access to a gym or equipment? No, you don’t have to have a gym membership for this program. I customize the workout plan according to your needs. If you have equipment or prefer working out at the gym, I’ll create a program for a gym setting. If you have little to no equipment, I’ll create a program for that as well.