FunFitnessMama Training Program

Are you ready to get your life back and start creating healthier habits?!? Girl, I’m here to help you every step of the way!! I’ve been there with the yo-yo dieting, feeling insecure, gaining over 50lbs and restricted myself from food. Trust me, it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ll help you find the balance & help you reach your fitness goals!!


Premium 12 Week Program

Create healthy habits and stop yo-yo dieting. You’ll lose weight and learn how to track your food with your CUSTOM workout plan and Meal plans. Program includes:

  • 12 weeks of customized workout plan

  • Getting started Virtual Call with Katie (FunFitnessMama)

  • Access to Workout Training App

  • Meal Plans (includes recipes and shopping list)*

  • Weekly check-ins via email

  • Monthly check-ins via Virtual to gauge your success and adjust program/macros if needed

  • Daily access to me via email or text (you won’t be alone on your journey)

  • Motivation and Accountability


*I do not offer refunds


Melissa- This mom of 1 lost 3lbs and 7.3” in 8 weeks!  "I liked the variety, the amount of time required, and flexibility day to day using the training app. I like the detailed examples and "how to", Very informational. I lost weight and feel educated on diet and nutrition. Katie was motivational even when I felt down. Always positive and sharing her own experiences. I learned to Eat more!! I ate more (healthy/ reviewed macros closely) and lost more weight than eating less calories."

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we meet in a gym setting? No, this is an online/virtual personal training program. We’ll do our check-ins via email, text or virtual calls. You can access everything you need through the app (app is free) and complete your training in the comfort of your home.

Do I need access to a gym or equipment? No, you don’t have to have a gym membership for this program. I customize the workout plan according to your needs. If you have equipment or prefer working out at the gym, I’ll create a program for a gym setting. If you have little to no equipment, I’ll create a program for that as well.